Diary pg 168 Nov 19-20



Diary pg 168 Nov 19-20


- Death of J.P. Merritt_
- Death of Bessie Read's father_
- Meeting of Musical Circle at Miss Vanderburgh's


November 19

Very gloomy and rainy
all day. Mr J. P. Merritt
died yesterday afternoon
about 6.30. Have been
harmonizing "God Save the
Queen" in Soprano and do it
in Tenor to-morrow.
about 5 o'clock I took
some venison in to

November 20

Rainy again I wish we
could see the sun once
more. My cold is worse
to-day. In the afternoon
Eva came in then went
home again & I was dressing
and she came upstairs with
my Christmas present; a
mother of pearl mudturtle booch.
I went to Pays, Dwyers,
and Hodgetts with venison,
and to Myer's after molasses.
Bessie Read's father died
yesterday. Mr and Mrs Coy and
Sidney were over at night. A meeting
of the active members of the
Musical Circle was held at Miss Vanderburghs'
to-night, but I did not go.

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[LOCAL]November 19-20, 1900

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