In 1930, the Bradley Institute for Music Research Ltd. was founded in Paris, France. Isidor Philipp's name was associated with the school which moved to Niagara Falls, Canada under the direction of Isidor's pupil, Harold Bradley.

The piano programs were based on Philipp’s teachings while the violin program was designed by John Corigliano, concertmaster of The New York Philharmonic Orchestra for 23 years. Harold Bradley died in 1984 but his school continued to operate under the direction of Grace Barnes. Grace was an accomplished concert pianist and teacher. She studied piano under Harold Bradley, Isidor Philipp, and Mark Hambourg. Grace specialized in the teaching of the youngest children.   

Grace Barnes wrote a paper that outlined the early moves of the Bradley Institute. 

Home of the Bradley Institute from 1984-2006, Queen Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario