Virus Under the Microscope - Act 2



Virus Under the Microscope - Act 2


A play-with-a-play for teachers, parents and students about the COVID -19 virus with the introduction and naming of another virus. This educational story (play) concludes with hope.

Act One was published on April 25, 2020 on the Brock University COVID-19 Archive. Act Two was added on June 21, 2020 to honour the life of George Floyd.

This play, now with act 2 added, is even more powerful. It is a play that is needed now. The world has been having a hard time articulating many of today's problems fluently and coherently. This play does that in a succinct and profound way in one place. It is my work of art for the world, at a time when a work of art in words is very much needed. This archive inspired me to write this story. I thank the Brock University Library for that.


Robert Hicks


June 21, 2020

Spatial Coverage

Niagara Falls, Ontario

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