A Tour of the Fourth Welland Canal

The Governor General of Canada, Prince Arthur - the Duke of Connaught, and his daughter Princess Patricia came to Niagara in May 1914 to inspect the early construction of the fourth Welland Canal.

Richard "Ted" Yates, a surveyor for the Canal, saved a copy of the itinerary for the tour. This program notes detailed points of interest in Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Homer and Thorold. It also includes several maps and diagrams of the Canal printed on linen.

This is one of the maps showing the path of the new Canal, its predecessor canals, the railways that crossed the area and the various communities of Niagara.

To see more including photos of the Canal, visit the Richard "Ted" Yates Collection at the Brock University Archives - http://dr.library.brocku.ca/handle/10464/13732.

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