Niagara Rainbow

The Loretto Academy was a Catholic boarding and day school for girls aged 5 to 18 run by the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the 'Niagara Rainbow' was its school journal.

The Loretto school system reached across North America including Toronto, Hamilton, London, Chicago, and Texas. However, it was the students, faculty and alumni of the Niagara Falls Academy that first started a quarterly journal. By 1906, the 'Niagara Rainbow' was changed to the 'Loretto Rainbow' and encompassed a wider representation of all the schools.

Inside the pages you will find news of special events and visitors, photographs of the Academy, correspondence with other schools, poems, religious guidance and much more. These works offer a peek into the lives and experiences of the women involved with the Loretto Academy in Niagara Falls from 1897 to 1906.

This is the link to all the digitized 'Niagara Rainbows' at Brock -

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