How to Draw a Pig Blindfolded

"Welcome to our home. Now, draw a pig... blindfolded."

Ethelwyn Wetherald was an accomplished Canadian poet who lived in Pelham Township for most of her adult life. Her work appeared in international magazines, schoolbooks, and her published collections of poems were given away as gifts by the Governor General of Canada. Fellow poet, Wilson MacDonald, once noted, “Canada, to my mind, has had only four women poets – Ethelwyn Wetherald, Isabella Crawford, Marjorie Pickthall and Pauline Johnson.”

Ethelwyn was also quite a character. When she had visitors to her farmhouse in Pelham, she would have them draw a pig into a guestbook while blindfolded. The results varied from the quite artistic to the wildly abstract.

This book of odd-looking pigs can be found in the Brock University Archives along with Ethelwyn's completed poetry, rough drafts, photos, scrapbooks and correspondence with other literary figures.

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