It's all about the Bees!

My favourite Siri joke: “As soon as you find someone who has 10000 bees, marry him. That’s when you know he’s a keeper.” Joseph Bradt was a keeper and a passionate one. Related to the Bradt and Snure families of Louth Township, Joseph moved from Ontario to Indiana where he became an expert on building hives and apiculture (beekeeping). Joseph must have maintained his connections to this area because in 1869, he published "Essay on Beekeeping" out of St. Catharines. Further, his brother-in-law Clarke Snure of Jordan became Joseph's Canadian agent for his improved patented bee hive - "The Best Hive now in Use".

Joseph's booklet and notice can be found in the Bradt Family Collection in the Brock University Archives.

It is springtime! Let be nice to the bees.

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