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Archival Oddities

Day planner

Victorian Ivory Day Planner

This unusual object is a day planner.  It has an ivory cover and 6 celluloid pages which fan out. The days of the week are stamped on each of the pages. Sunday was not included. In this case, the days of the week are faded away and someone has rewritten them and included Sunday on the back cover. The front cover has a metal escutcheon engraved with the letter C and it closes with a metal latch.  It was possible to write on the pages and then wipe off the content. This belonged to Dr. Cleveland.
Dr. William K. Cleveland (1828-1912) was the father of Julia Cleveland Woodruff. He practiced medicine at the Genesee Wesleyan College in Lima, New York and became a doctor at the University of the City of New York in 1860.  He also worked as an acting assistant surgeon at David's Island at Fort Schuyler. He spent time in Elmira, New York, and in 1864-1865 he was stationed at Camp Parole, Annapolis, Maryland as pathologist and consulting surgeon. He worked in other American cities before moving to Brantford, Ontario. He finally settled in Erie, Pennsylvania where he died in 1912.