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Archival Oddities

Matchbox and Flask

Pewter Matchbox

This well-worn pewter matchbox belonged to Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff. 

The box is filled with lit and unlit wooden matches.

Burnt Letter from Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff

There were a number of letters within the Woodruff Family fonds that were burned. This document is an example. It includes a schedule of construction, May 28, 1855 and value of work used for constructing the bridge crossing at Chippawa Creek, Oct. 1857. It is signed by S.D. Woodruff. Almost all text is illegible.

Hunting Flask

Another well-worn item is Samuel D. Woodruff's 19th Century hunting flask. It has a screw on cap and cover/drinking cup. The letter W is inscribed inside the cap.