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Archival Oddities


The Archives and Special Collections of Brock University contains a plethora of local history, as well as information and memorabilia from Brock University. Topics such as the War of 1812 and the Welland Canal are covered in great detail. Local culture and literature are part of this vast collection and some family collections offer the chance to actually experience life as it was in days gone by. Through painstaking detail and connections to valued donors, Brock Archives opens the door the past.
But what about the details that might get missed? Some of the treasures in the collection are easily overlooked. Families and businesses have donated unusual items. Magic, spiritualism, hobbies and medicine are just a few of different topics that are included within the collection. We are offering a few of our more unusual items for display in Archival Oddities.

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Hand drawn place card from the Woodruff Family fonds