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Archival Oddities

Woodruff Leaves and Feathers

Woodruff Leaves in a Tin Box

 This is a tin box with the title “Waldmeister zur Bowle, Woodruff” on it.  The box is from Julius Schade and Co., German Army and Navy Contractors, Leipzig-Lindenau, Germany. Contained within the box are dried woodruff leaves. Accompanying the box of woodruff is a handwritten recipe for woodruff brew.


Mallard Duck Feathers

Another item in the Woodruff collection is mallard duck feathers. Why would mallard duck feathers be a part of the collection?  

Well, Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff was a wonderful collector of artifacts which is what makes the Woodruff collection so interesting. He was also a hunter. 

Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff

Samuel is shown here with his gun. On the back of the photo it says that he has shot 2 quail and 6 woodcock. This photograph was taken in 1891 at DeVeaux Hall in St. Catharines.