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Archival Oddities

Brock and MacDonnell

War of 1812 – Sir Isaac Brock’s Hair

A lock of Isaac Brock’s hair has been mounted on its original rag paper label. The lock of hair is framed with a portrait of Brock, as well as a photograph of his tunic and the house in Queenston where his body was brought during the battle.

Lock of John MacDonnell’s Hair

This lock of hair is from a letter written and signed by Captain John Powell of the 1st Lincoln Militia to his sister Mary Boyles Powell, circa October 13, 1812. The letter is 4 pages in length and contains a detailed account of the death of a family member and John Macdonnell, an aide-de-camp to Sir Isaac Brock, at the Battle of Queenston Heights. Included with the letter is a lock of John Macdonell’s hair with the inscription “killed at Queenston Heights by the Americans, October 13, 1812, Lieut. Col. John Macdonnell.”