Kari-Lynn Winters

Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters is a children's author, playwright, performer, and scholar. With over 30 books published, she has won the silver medal for the British Columbia Book Prize twice and has been nominated numerous times for readers’ choice awards such as the Forest of Reading, the Rainforest of Reading, and the Chocolate Lily Awards. Kari-Lynn holds a Full Professor position in Brock University ‘s Faculty of Education. She loves being in the classroom in any capacity, but especially when instructing as professor or an elementary teacher, or when presenting as an author. Kari-Lynn’s scholarly research interests include arts education, children’s literature, STEAM, and embodied literacies. She lives in St. Catharines, Ontario with her two kids and three cats.


A Seasonal Muse

Like the acorn that becomes the oak tree, authors/artists do not stand passive within their contexts, but rather accumulate adventures that shape their work, stories, and identities. In this short film, I use a seasonal metaphor to sprout a memoir about my growing career goals and daily influences, blooming opportunities in writing and arts-based research practices, and a harvest of authored books. Like the seasons, my work holds traces of memories, reverberations, and artful assemblage. When entering each new season there is a familiarity of previous lived experiences, and at the same time, an opportunity for enlightenment and new growth.

March 2023

Click Here to watch the 3-minute video.