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A Journey through Niagara and beyond in 1850

This exhibit examines the travel journals of Stephens Baker (1791-1883), a silversmith from Beverly, Massachusetts. Baker travelled through Niagara in 1850. He noted the sites that he visited and his impressions of Niagara in his travel journals. This exhibit traces his journey as outlined in his travel journal with a focus on his stops in Niagara.

A Legendary Career in Advertising

A look at the exemplary career of Terry O'Malley in commercial advertising.

Alexander Hamilton

This exhibit examines the life and accomplishments of Alexander Hamilton (1790-1839). Hamilton came from a prominent family and was an important businessman and public servant in Upper Canada. His most notable positions were Postmaster at Queenston and Sheriff of the Niagara District.

Archival Appetizers

Brief stories inspired by materials found in the Brock University Archives.

Archival Oddities

This is a collection of unusual or just interesting material that is housed within Archives and Special Collections, Brock University Library

Arthur A. Schmon

Arthur Albert Schmon was born in 1895 in Newark, New Jersey. During his studies at Barringer High School in Newark, he met Eleanore Celeste Reynolds who was to become his wife in August of 1919. Mr. Schmon studied English literature at Princeton and graduated with honours in 1917. That same year, Mr. Schmon joined the United States Army where he served under Colonel McCormick as an adjutant in field artillery in World War I. In 1919, he was discharged as a captain. Colonel McCormick (editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune) offered Schmon a job in his Shelter Bay pulpwood operations. Mr. Schmon accepted the challenge of working at this lonely outpost on the lower St. Lawrence River. Schmon was promoted to Woodlands Manager in 1923. In 1930, he became the General Manager. This was expected to be a seasonal operation but the construction of the mill led to the building of a town (Baie Comeau) and its power development. All of this was accomplished under Schmon’s leadership. In 1933, he was elected the President and General Manager of the Ontario Paper Company. He later became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Arthur Schmon made his home in St. Catharines where he played an active role in the community. Schmon was a member of the Founders’ Committee at Brock University and he was a primary force behind the establishment of a University in the Niagara Region. The Brock University Tower is named after him. He also served as Chairman of the St. Catharines Hospital Board of Governors for over 15 years, and was responsible for guiding the hospital through a 3 million dollar expansion program. He was a Governor of Ridley College and an Honorary Governor of McMaster University in Hamilton. Mr. Schmon died of lung cancer on March 18, 1964.

Bradley Institute of Music

Niagara Falls school of music owned by Harold Bradley

Brock University Course Calendars

This site contains all of the Brock University course calendars produced from 1964 to the present. These are available as PDF files and are keyword searchable.

Brock's Monument

Brock's monument stands as a tribute to fallen hero, General Isaac Brock. This site traces the monument from its inception to present day. The monument has had an incredible history and is the resting place of General Brock and John Macdonell.

Canada Games Collection

A digital collection consisting of original oral history interviews, photographs, documents and written testimonials of individuals involved in the Canada Games (Winter and Summer). The goal of this Collection is to record the history of the Canada Games through the memories and experiences of athletes, their families, coaches, Games officials, volunteers, and past Canada Games Committee (CGC) members.

Canadian Niagara Power Company

This exhibit provides a brief history of the Canadian Niagara Power Company, from its founding in 1892 to the present day.

Collection Jeux du Canada

Une collection numérique composée d'entrevues originales d'histoire orale, de photographies, de documents et de témoignages écrits de personnes impliquées dans les Jeux du Canada (hiver et été). Le but de cette collection est de retracer l'histoire des Jeux du Canada à travers les souvenirs et les expériences des athlètes, de leurs familles, des entraîneurs, des officiels des Jeux, des bénévoles et des anciens membres du Comité des Jeux du Canada (JCC).

Documenting COVID-19 in Niagara

This website will collect records from the Niagara community that will help document the COVID-19 pandemic in the Niagara Region in 2020.

Documenting Louis Shickluna and his shipyard

This site contains records found in the Brock University Archives & Special Collections that pertain to the Shickluna Shipyard (1838 - 1891) of St. Catharines.

Historic Houses in Niagara

An examination of some of the historic houses in the Niagara Region, with an emphasis on houses associated with collections in Brock University's Archives and Special Collections.

History of the English Electric Company, St. Catharines

The English Electric Company was established in 1908 in St. Catharines under the name of The Canadian Crocker-Wheeler Company Ltd. The name was changed to the English Electric Company of Canada. This project focuses on the strong social and business aspects of the company. Most of the information is based on the "Highlights" publication that was produced through English Electric and the Ontario Editorial Bureau.

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